Workshops and Meet-ups

One of the most effective ways to grow our business and affiliate network around the globe are face-to-face, high-energy company events for our partners. In order to bring business partners closer and therefore more committed to the company, Workshops and Meet-ups are a must attend events for our newcomers, existing affiliates and VIP partners. A series of events are held in all countries where our affiliate partners operate and where our business can expand more or increase performance in any way. Workshops and Meet-ups are free to attend and unparalleled educational resource for affiliate partners; covering every aspect of the industry, affiliate management, marketing and business development, services and products and other related subjects. Overall, it is amazing opportunity to combine training, networking and socializing with our prospect partners.

International tour roundtable:

  • Western & Northern Europe Tour
  • Eastern & Southern Europe Tour
  • South-eastern Europe& Balkan Tour
  • Former Soviet states & Baltic Tour
  • UK and Ireland Tour
  • North & Central & South America Tour
  • Asia/Pacific Tour

Join our business community at an event near you.12 months - 12 countries.

Agenda topics will include:

  • Welcome AND Networking Event
  • Training Workshop AND Have fun

Workshops and Meet-ups; Increase sales in new or existing markets!

Does your business needs more country-by-country approach at the moment? Work with us and get the most out of your Event Management!