Dado Murtic

Digital Marketing

International Business eXecutive

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It's about Passion.
And transforming that passion into results for my clients!

I do not have "secret formulas" but just all entrepreneur characteristics which companies needs in business development, sales and marketing. In my philosophy it's not about ME; It's about YOUR company, success and growth. As an In-house representative I can take over mostly all YOUR responsibilities, fulfill the requirements and goal-oriented objectives in YOUR new or existing markets. Even more; with ME all YOUR needed business investments can be funded exclusively through the revenues that we make from specific market.

Open for new career opportunities!
I am fast, simple and it will be fun...

International Experiences:

  • CEO, Business Development, Digital Marketing and Sales Executive
  •; Ljubljana, SLO; (1999 - 2019)

    Self-employed professional, offering complete E-Business and Go-To-Market Solutions. My key passions are raising brand awareness online, as well as internationally, and building the business from scratch to success regardless of size of the marketing budget, industry or even targeted market. Latest Clients:,,,,, BetConstruct White Labelling,,, + 50 Small and medium-sized businesses..

  • Head of Marketing & Affiliate business and Management Consultant
  • Favorit United N.V.; FavBet, FavoritTOTO; Kiev, UA; (2013)

    Held key responsibility in moving land-based business more online and local business more international, served as a member of the management team.

  • Managing/Marketing Partner, Head of EE Markets (Adriatic Region)
  • Interactive Sports Limited; (Sportingbet, Paradise Poker, SuperVegas Casino); London, UK; (2004 – 2008)

    Overall responsibility for all the company's operations throughout assigned territories of CE Europe / Adriatic: B2B - Affiliates, Advertising and Promoting, B2C - Customer & Account, Business Development, Marketing and Management.

  • Sales & Network Marketer – MLM
  • Darwin International Limited; Stuttgart, GER; (1998 - 2002)

    Main responsibility has been to build and lead team of sales partners, and product/services sales.

Born in 1973, self-made entrepreneur with almost two decades of experience in the fields of Business Development, Digital Marketing & Sales; Dado has spent most of his career life dealing with various products, services, e-Commerce activities and business operations. In addition to his primary occupation, he has managed to establish well over 50 companies (Ltd., Sole proprietorship, etc.) for his clients within different economic sectors.

His international career starts with a German based company, Darwin World. The first Consulting Group ALSO for the private consumer, where he builds and manages a team of more than 1000 sales partners from all around the world.

In 2004, Dado was appointed as the Managing Partner of Interactive Sports Limited, London, UK (Sportingbet) for their business development plans in European Adriatic territory. Overseeing the day to day business activities for all operations and successfully launching in 5 markets in 5 years.

One of his main assignments in 2013 was at Favorit United N.V. (FavBet + Фаворит ТОТО), 900+ Land-shops and Internet-based Company with Head offices in Kiev, Ukraine as a Head of Marketing Department and Management consultant.

Dado currently lives in the heart of Europe, Ljubljana, Slovenia; and is continuing developing his entrepreneurial skills. Working as a self-employed professional, helping companies to achieve their business vision by filling the missing part of their company activities and identifying and developing new or existing markets with primary focus on delivering more sign ups and more active customers in order to achieve maximized sales and increased business profitability.

Special Skills:

Non - Risk Management

It's much easier to manage company operations, beat competition and to achieve strong brand awareness with large or unlimited budget, but still no hassle if we have none or limited financial structure. Our multitasking approach to the projects and development set of skills will help us deliver all assigned business activities to a successful end;

without financial risks for the company.

Zero Start-Up Investments

Ability to start all needed company operations within the lowest possible investment for the business:


All GO-TO-MARKETS expansions can be funded exclusively through the revenues from the assigned territory.

Business and Philosophy

  • The Hands of the Worker
  • Whatever it takes, wherever it's needed, whenever will be necessary.
    We will build the business!

  • The Brains of the Visionary
  • Never stop dreaming and constantly striving for better success.
    We will deliver results!

  • The Heart of the Healer
  • Fast, easy and friendly support for all business needs.
    We will heal the problems!

  • The Beauty of the Artist
  • Designing and producing all aspects of the business artwork.
    We will be remembered!

    Business Development – more than 10 brand names, Marketing - more than 1000 brand names, Sales - more than 100.000 products and services