We deliver email contacts (B2B - B2C):

In a global and digital world, targeted E-mail newsletter campaigns are one of the most direct and cost-effective advertising strategies and solutions.

In our database, we already have for your newsletter more than 3.500.000 email addresses. Additionally to the email list, through our ' newsletter distribution partners' you have access to more than 10.000.000 potential customers so far and network is still growing.

Potential customers are particularly from all around the world, with possibility to attract customers by targeted geographic locations and even by products or services usage.


  • Mail Sender Software
  • Promotional Newsletter (Images, Text, Links)
  • Affiliate program or other tracking system

Our Email Database - Your Newsletter and tracking system. By following our Email marketing plan, project can be finished in 3 days.

We invest in Email business and for your company our e-mail marketing solutions are totally FREE. Even more, all project can be managed through affiliate partner program and rewarding plan based on commission agreement. Your only business expenses when working with us are travel costs, if any.

B2C Newsletter Marketing

Does your business need more country-language approach or complete email marketing solutions?

As your In-House Email marketing executive; throughout target-market approach and with help of our newsletter distribution network of partners and their multi-million customer databases, we can send your advertising message to potential customers within seconds, in all countries where your business can act.

Our B2C acquisition and retention solutions include:

  • Country/Language/Global strategy planning and research
  • Newsletter media negotiation & buying
  • Managing full life-cycle of newsletter campaigns (Create, Send & Report)
  • Account Management - working with you, customers and media partners
Work with us on a daily basis and get the most profitability of your newsletter campaign from all countries where your business can act!

We Buy your email database!

Want to sell your consumers, customers, players, or members email database? We buy email databases mostly from all countries and industries, for the highest possible rates.

Our current Interests are:

  • Gaming consumers
  • Gambling consumers
  • Sports Betting, Casino, Poker, Lottery players
  • Stock and Forex Traders
  • Social media users
  • Advertisers and website owners

Urgently Wanted!! Potential Scandinavian customers, Minimum quote: We buy all what you can offer!!

Contact us for more details!

Access to 10.000 potential partners

Turning our business contacts (Europe & Global) into yours profitable business opportunities.Whether you need 10, 100 or 1.000 Europe or global sales force, our recruitment strategy and strong database will ensure that your business run as a success story.

Our network of contacts:

  • Affiliate website owners
  • High-traffic partners
  • Advertising agencies
  • Local human resources
  • Press release contacts
  • Newspapers and other digital media

We will not wait for partners to discover us; We will search and recruit in all countries where we can act.

Start, Brand, Build, or re-organize - B2B - The right business connection is just a click away!

Attract new customers and communicate with existing ones.

Work with us and get the most out of your email campaign!